Websba Overview

www.websba.com is a cloud computing Accounting ideal for practicing Accountants as a Service and for Small Business as a total solution tom teir sales and Accounting needs. In certai instances th system is integrated with a premium accounting domain name, for accountants.  The package can be configured in any domain hosted on an in-house Windows Server residing in the office of a client's traditional Accounting Practice and be accessed by clients through the cloud via the domain as in the site bellowwww.skyaccounting.biz from anywhere at any time. 

There is detailed documentation included in the system but here is a high level verbose explanation of the highlights of the websba software that is the core of the cloud package. The operating Server environment provides for web access  to create multiple accounts and multiple users with unique IDs and different levels of privilege.  Users can change the pre-assigned Password but not their ID neither the level of privilege.  Users (Employees, Customers and Vendors) can enter transactions commensurate to their privilege that is built in their ID. 

 To get start one needs to access the application on the web and sign in with a valid User ID and Password in the dialog box depicted here.  After successful login the user will see a restaurant like Main Menu with seven main categories. The seven modules of the Application “Company”, “Reports”, “Products”, “Production”, “Suppliers”, “Customers”, and “Tools” appear on the bar of the Main Menu as shown here. The sub-menus are intuitive and seamlessly integrated to the appropriate Company modules.





To minimize the overwhelming presence of the Main Menu a Navigator is provided to help a beginner navigate through the functions of the application logically. I. e. You make a sale, you purchase to product if you don’t have (create a Liability Accounts Payable)  you put it in the Inventory or send it to production if needs to be worked on then you close the Invoice and produce an accounts receivable asset. An intuitive functionality for a user with Accounting 101 knowledge.  The first action a new user must take is to provide the details of his company in “preferences”



The Accounting modules support both cash and accrual accounting and can be used independently of the other modules. They adhere to GAAP for double entry Accounting, General Journal and General Ledger entries as well as Financial Statements.  The Chart of Accounts names are selected for a business that that purchases finished products for resale or purchases components to integrate with other components and produce a finished product by adding labor and other materials to it. (Work Orders by Work Station Bills of Material and Materials requirements to build a certain finished product). A user can select the modules needed for his specific business and modify the Chart of Account names (only) within each category to maintain balance. (Assets + Liabilities = Equity). 

The Accounting and Production Management application could be used in its simplest form in a Service business using the Check book module by setting up the Bank Accounts, the products module by setting up one service item and a Walk in customer. A more realistic typical set up would be to pre-enter a number of specific products and customers (in the database if they are known) to minimize the effort of entering them at the time of the sale.  If the products for sale are purchased from a vendor the vendor could be entered in the vendors Database.  If parts and raw materials are purchased to produce finished products the production module can be used to enter the structures (Bills of Material) and or work station that will be used to produce each finished product.

The system also includes a Production Management module with Bill of Material and Work Station Cost Center to add materials and labor on each station to produce a build it to a Finished Product for sale to a Customer.  The system supports multiple customer accounts and if Access Data base is used, the system provides for downloading of the data for local safe keeping and uploading to the cloud when and if needed. 

To enter the cloud based system for a test run click here and enter simcomdemo in the ID box and password in the password box.

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