WebSBA.com a Cloud Accounting System

Websba.com is an integrated CLOUD based complete multi-user Accounting with Production Management system that has been reconfigured to install on any “privatedomain.com”. It is ideal for small “brick and mortar” business and practicing Accountants who endeavor to expand their sales and services to the Internet. With websba.com software any small business can bring the Cloud into their in-house Windows Network Server and provide worldwide controlled secure access to their information system. No need for VPN or risky remote connections to the server.Websba.com is an integrated CLOUD based complete information system (Accounting, Production & Fixed Asset Management, Payroll with Time and Attendance including Shopping Cart).   

This websba.com system evolved from an empirical basic need of a small business that purchased component parts (hardware and software) and integrated them into a finished product to replenish inventory and or to sale to customers who physically visited the store and to others who browsed the web.   Systems that provided these features existed in the market for large companies but required a large investment in hardware and personnel that was not feasible for small business.  With good understanding of cost Accounting and Manufacturing processes we undertook the task of developing a web based smaller system that would imitate the systems available on mainframe systems.

We used programming languages that were conducive to on line operation (web centric) such as html and basic and java scripting unlike the network centric languages used in the larger systems.  Websba.com system went on line in 2003 and demonstrably helped to effectively and efficiently manage the small "brick and mortar" computer integration business. In today’s parlance one would say “it brought the cloud in the office” back in 2003.   Websba.com has been offered to other small brick and mortar system integrators, restaurants, property managers and practicing accountants on a subscription basis.

Websba.com has now been reconfigured to install on any typical in house windows server.  It requires a fast connection to the Internet and any private domain name. Now any small business can purchase this complete proprietary system for private use and not for resale.   


This data can be accessed securely from anywhere at any time using a web connected PC or smart phone.  

 The system comprises all the functions needed to run a brick and mortar and/or an on-line small business: 1) Basic accounting functions 2) Inventory and Production Management (Bills of Material, Work Orders, Inventory ordering and Sales Forecasting) 3) Time and Attendance with Payroll, 4) Fixed Asset Management with depreciation and 5) on line Sales ordering with Shopping cart. The system handles many “user accounts” that can be securely accessed on the cloud from anywhere at any time with preconfigured privileges (IDs and Passwords) that are user controllable. When the system is used with Microsoft Access, it provides for data base backup and off site safe keeping (database downloading and uploading).  That is, a user can download the database from the cloud for off-sit safe keeping and upload it to the cloud when needed. We found no other program in the internet offering such flexibility. It is ideal for “Brick and Mortar” business and for Accounting practitioners who endeavor to expand their business and practice to the cloud.  

The system performs satisfactorily in a small business environment with medium size (Intel® Core™ and Xeon Processors) Servers with Microsoft Windows server 2008 operating in a multi user environment with one fast connection to the Internet and a fixed (static)  IP address bound to a private domain. Visitors with valid ID and Password to the Private domain have exclusive access to the websba.com data base but  are totally segregated from any other area on the server.   

As stated in the original Press Release WebSBA.com was developed by small business as a tool to improve marketing, operational, and accounting effectiveness of small businesses.  It is now offered as a service to other small businesses with similar goals. It requires no large investments (no equipment or programs to purchase and maintain). Any business can subscribe to the service and match the well-touted features offered by larger companies, at a fraction of the cost. The application resides on our web server and can be accessed by business subscribers and their customers from anywhere at any time via their web browser.

The accounting features include:

  • General Ledger
  • Purchasing and Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Control and Production Management
  • Bill of Material for Product Design and Costing/Pricing
  • Time-phased, "Just-in-time" Material Ordering
  • Check Book Functions and Reporting on Financial Position

The e-commerce features fully integrate with the entire accounting system.

  • Shopping cart and real-time order placement
  • Order status reviewing
  • Dynamic e-store generation (Changes to product description and pricing immediately

reflect on the subscriber's web site)

Some of the benefits our subscribers receive include:

  • Centralized data, accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • The system can be easily maintained by non-technical users.
  • Increased sales and improved customer service through e-commerce.
  • Improved efficiency by giving customers self-service access.
  • Offsite data storage with reduced overhead of incompatible programs.
  • Web-generated sales and web-based management.

The picture on the top right depicts a typical scenario. An authorized customer is placing an order using the e-commerce features available on the WebSBA server. Simultaneously, another prospective customer is reviewing product offerings or a previous order. The business manager, with full control of the accounting modules, is releasing a customer’s order and possibly acquiring any needed components from a vendor.